Saturday, 28 May 2011

Order in Chaos - Part 2

I woke up late this morning, which meant I went to the supermarket a lot later than usual to do my mother's shopping.

After I finished the shopping, I went to order a mini-cab but there were two women already at the phone ordering cabs from the same mini-cab company. It looked like it was going to be a longer wait than normal for my cab. When I heard the woman in front of me ordering a cab and telling the operator where she lived, I thought it sounded as if she didn't live far from me. Maybe, we could share a cab together but I let the thought go. When I ordered my cab, the operator told me it would be a 10 to 15 minutes wait.

While we were waiting, I chatted to the woman ahead of me. She asked me if I'd been affected by the chaos in the roads this morning. I said I wasn't aware as I had walked. She said last night someone got shot and the police had cordoned off the whole area, which meant traffic had been diverted. My friend said it took her ages to get to the supermarket this morning. She talked about how awful the victim's family must be feeling. In silence, I thought to myself: "No matter what is going on, everything is working out for the best."

My friend asked me what I was up to at the weekend and I said probably chill out or go for a walk. She said she and her grandkids were going ice-skating later and she was going to watch them skate. We also chatted about dance and it turned out we were both fans of a particular dance talent show on television. She said she was going to miss it tonight as she was going to be watching the UEFA Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United instead. She's a huge football fan.

When my friend's cab arrived, she suggested to the cab driver that we could both share the same cab as were going in the same direction anyway. He'll be getting two fares for one journey. The driver thought it was a good idea. He said he and his colleagues were having a slow day because of the heavy traffic. The driver spoke to his office and arranged for my cab to be offered to the next customer, which was going to speed things up for everyone concerned.

On the way to my friend's house, we chatted about the big football game and who we thought was going to win. I then wished her well. Then the cab driver took me home.

On the surface, one person's action appeared to have created disorder and chaos that was affecting thousands of people. However, underneath the "chaos" there was an Order that directed my experience so I wasn't affected; and what blessed me ended up blessing others.


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