Friday, 27 May 2011

Why I'm Not into Healthy Eating

While I was having a sandwich which was served with chips and salad, I had the sandwich and chips and suggested to my friend that he could have the salad. He said he believed a lot of women have been programmed to associate salads with being on a diet. I told him I don't associate salads with diets or healthy eating, as they are beliefs that I don't buy into. I enjoy salads when I'm in the mood for it. Right at that moment I didn't feel like having the salad so he was welcome to it, if he liked. He had all of it.

When I was a child there were some foods I didn't like but because I had to either eat or starve, I would gulp them down with copious amounts of water so I didn't have to taste the food. I vowed I would never have those foods when I became an adult. As an adult, at first I ate all kinds of meat, then I went into my "healthy eating" phase and decided red meat was bad and would only eat chicken and fish. I also cut out all "junk foods" and fizzy drinks. Then I cut out chicken and fish as those were now bad too. Then I went vegetarian. At one point, I even cut out garlic and onions and replaced them with asafoetida.

I was also into taking supplements in a big way and took all sorts each day. In addition, I had to take prescribed medication every day for recurring migraines.

There came a point when I realised no food was good or bad but it was my beliefs that made them so. I can just eat foods I prefer.

I stopped taking supplements and prescribed medication. I decided to trust in my body's innate intelligence to do what it does best.

I now have four rules about eating:

1. I don't let anyone dictate to me what I should be eating.

2. I eat what I like and avoid foods I don't like.

3. I eat what I'm in the mood to eat at that moment.

4. I don't judge foods as good or bad including the ones I don't like.

Since I stopped judging foods and eat what I love or in the mood for, I feel free. No more worrying about whether this food will make me feel sick or make me put on weight or whatever.

There have been times when my mother has cooked a dish with different meats such as chicken, fish, beef. As I prefer chicken and fish to beef, I would have the chicken or fish and leave the beef and still have the sauce. If I was really fussy I wouldn't have the sauce at all.

One day this week I was in the mood for some custard doughnuts and I bought a pack of 5 which I ate in one sitting. That was my dinner for the whole day. The next day I felt like some hot cross buns and bought two of those and that was what I had for that entire day.

One thing I am partial to is toilet paper. I used to eat them but I found that when I went to the toilet, my stools would come out hard like papier-mâché and it would sometimes take several attempts before I could flush them away. So I stopped eating them but I found I missed the texture so I went back to chewing them without swallowing. My favourite brand is Andrex as it's really soft and chewy. Healthy eaters would probably tell me I'm poisoning myself but I say I'm enjoying what I love.

I don't do healthy eating, I just eat what I love or what I'm in the mood for and don't judge any food as good or bad. It makes life much simpler that way.


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