Wednesday, 22 June 2011

All Numbers are Equal

While I was watching a TV song contest, the commentator talked about how difficult it must be for the first singer to come out and perform.

I've never been able to understand that mentality.

Why should it make any difference whether someone performs first, second, third or last?

If you're nervous, going second won't make any difference.
If you're not very good, you're not going to get better by going in the middle.
If you have confidence in yourself, you'll feel confidence whether you're first or last.

I believe the notion that it's difficult if you sing first (or last) must have something to do with the meanings people give numbers.

I have observed when young kids learn how to count, they do so randomly because they haven't been conditioned to think of numbers as higher or lower, they just play with them. It's only later that they are taught to see numbers as ascending or descending.

Just because we use numbers in ascending or descending order doesn't mean one number is higher or lower than another.

Just because I find a particular number meaningful doesn't mean it's more important than other numbers.

So whether someone sings first or last makes no difference whatsoever.

All numbers are created equal.


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