Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Joy Cannot Be Taught, Joy Simply Is

A few months back, someone who reads my blogs asked me if I could help her (or him?) feel joy. I told her I don't teach but I simply share my experiences. I wished her joy.

I believe my friend was asking the impossible anyway because I can't teach that which is causeless. Joy is causeless. By this I mean, Joy has no cause, It has always existed and will always exist. All we have to do is experience what already is in every moment.

The wonderful thing about knowing Joy is causeless is that it doesn't matter what's happening on the "outside", what others are doing, I can still be in Joy by choosing Joy. All I have to do is be aware of Joy or call on Joy and I feel joyful. I can therefore be in Joy: whether the weather is to my liking or not; whether I'm rich or poor; whether I'm in radiant health or not; whether I'm with friends or on my own; whether I'm in a mood or not.

The other day, I texted a friend to tell him off for not emailing when he said he was going to email me. Although I was in a mood, I was still in Joy and we ended up exchanging banter and we arranged to meet up another time.

What if someone doesn't know how to access joy?

I believe everyone knows how to access Joy in one form or another. If you can't accept Joy exists in every moment, Joy can still be accessed indirectly by doing what one loves.

I don't need a spiritual guru to teach me how to enjoy foods I love. I just enjoy them because they feel good to me. I don't need anyone to teach me how to feel good when I'm with someone I love. I just know it feels good being with that person. Sometimes, all I have to do is remember the things I love and I'm feeling good. In other words, I am experiencing Joy when I'm doing what I love or remembering what I love.

I believe being in Joy is about being able to feel that which already exists in every moment or feeling good by doing what you love. Since feeling is personal, no one outside can teach someone how to feel. While I can wish someone Joy or even call on Joy on their behalf, I can't feel it for the individual. Joy is something each individual has to experience for themselves.

Yesterday I received an email from the reader who had asked me to help her feel joy. She wrote that while things in her outside world hasn't changed, she's now feeling calm, relaxed and happy inside and trusting in God. I told her her wish for joy had come true, to feel happy regardless. I said as long as you're in peace, the rest will take care of itself.

I believe Joy cannot be taught, Joy simply is available in every moment to be experienced now.


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