Friday, 24 June 2011

My Escort

"Trust in God but lock your car." ~~ Source unknown
A few weeks ago when I was walking home late at night, I saw this woman walking her dog. As I've spoken to her before, I stopped to say hello and asked her how she was. She told me she'd just walked by a group of young men whom she'd found intimidating. Before we parted company, she told me to be careful of those young men as they mug people. I thanked her and wished her well. As I continued my walk, I reminded myself that I walk in Light and Light is escorting me home. I also projected Light all around me. When I walked by the young men, they didn't even look my way.

So as I was walking home again late at night through the same neighbourhood, I noticed this man walking ahead. Although I vaguely recognised him as someone who lives in the neighbourhood, I wasn't in the mood to chat so I walked ahead of him. A few seconds later I heard the man calling me. He said he'd only just recognised me and he caught up with me. As we walked together, we admired the local cats who were sitting outside. My friend then shared a story about a time when cats started disappearing in the neighbourhood until they discovered a neighbour had an appetite for cats. After the neighbour was prosecuted, the cats were free to roam in peace.

Just before my friend and I parted company, I noticed a group of young men hanging around. Although I wasn't scared of them, I was glad I was being escorted by my friend.

Thank you, Light, for escorting me everywhere I go.

With you by my side, I am always loved and safe.


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