Thursday, 9 June 2011

On Responsibility

When people decide to have kids (or pets), they have to consider every aspect of the child's/pet's long-term physical, emotional and social needs. If you can't look after the child either don't have them or get someone else to look after them.

Where does the desire to have kids or pets come from?

I believe the desire comes from the Universe, the one Self that we all are, that is seeking to express His infinite love. Therefore, He who gives the desire is responsible for fulfilling it.

If someone has a desire to have kids, It is the Universe's responsibility to provide for every aspect of that child forever, though provisions may come from many sources such as parents, family, relatives, guardians, friends, neighbours, teachers, doctors, employers, associates, society at large, and infinite sources.

What if someone has a desire to harm another? Where does that desire come from?

All desires - "good" or "bad" - comes from the Universe. It is, therefore, the Universe's responsibility to either transmute that desire from harm to love; or to teach that individual how to love.

As I was walking home and pondering on these ideas, I went into the local supermarket to buy a particular brand of snacks my mother had asked me to get for her. They didn't have them. The second supermarket didn't have them either. After I visited the third store and they didn't have nor had they heard of what I was looking for, I phoned mum to tell her I couldn't find what she wanted. She said they were new snacks and she'd seen them advertised on television. I told her the shops don't probably have them in stock as yet. She asked if I could get another type instead but I told her I'd already walked past the shop that sells what she wanted. She told me not to worry about it.

I thought to myself, since the Universe has given my mother the desire, He knows how to fulfil it. He's already provided the money for her to get the snacks. There's bound to be a shop that sells what she's looking for. I decided to give the matter no further thought and just enjoy my walk. I thought it would be nice to go home via the scenic route and explore areas I haven't explored before. I could then see if their local supermarket has the snacks in stock.

At the supermarket I couldn't find the snacks. Just as I was about to leave I saw the manager walking by and I asked him. He pointed to a shelf where they stock them and they only had one packet left on the shelf. Aha! So my mother's desire has been fulfilled through doing what I love.

He who gives life is responsible for sustaining it.
He who gives a body is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep.
He who gives desires is responsible for fulfilling them.
He who gives power is responsible for providing the wisdom on how to use that power.

I trust in the Universe.


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