Sunday, 12 June 2011

That Didn't Happen!

When I dropped a can accidentally on my foot, for a moment I was in agony but then I thought to myself: "That didn't happen!" and the pain dissolved instantly.

When I denied the "accident", I wasn't lying to myself, I was stating what I believe to be Truth. I believe Love is all there is, therefore, where there is infinite love there are no accidents or injury.

I believe any experience that is not of Love is a dream. Therefore, I can be dreaming whether I'm awake or asleep. Let's say when I'm asleep I have a dream about an experience I find frightening, the moment I wake up from that dream it dissolves into nothing. In the same respect, when I'm awake and I have experiences that are not Love, I can dissolve it into nothing by reminding myself of the Truth that Love is all there is and what isn't Love is not real or doesn't exist.

Love is all there is. If it's not Love, it didn't happen or doesn't exist.


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