Friday, 24 June 2011

Where There is No Mind - Revisited

Even though we all appear to live in the one world, there are actually two worlds: one that is ruled by mind; and the other where there is no mind.

The world ruled by mind is a world of Red Tape, rules, doctrines and dogma, which keep one in bondage.

In the world of no-mind is endless freedom and joy.

Speaking of the world of Red Tape, last night's episode of the TV news report "Tonight" focused on how health and safety regulations sometimes gets in the way of emergency workers doing their jobs of saving and rescuing people. They cited a few examples where the emergency workers couldn't do their jobs because they were bound by regulations which, in a few cases, proved fatal for the victims. Those who followed their instincts and rescued people faced disciplinary charges. They are trying to put forward a new legislation to allow rescue workers to do what they've been trained to do, whether there are risks or not.

Even though the Red Tape world is there to keep one in bondage, the good news is at any moment one can choose to transcend that world and experience the world of freedom and joy. Here's one example.

Yesterday a friend, who had been experiencing some "obstacles" that was stressing him out, asked me if I could send him "good vibes" to help clear up the situation. Although my friend doesn't share my spiritual beliefs or has any religious belief, he still believes in the power of love and good vibrations. I called upon Light on his behalf to help him do whatever was necessary.

What do I mean by Light?

Where there is mind, there are rules, doctrines and dogma. Where there are no beliefs, doctrines, and dogma, there is Light whose nature is boundlessness, freedom, joy and limitlessness. I sometimes refer to the Light as Creative Intelligence, God, Infinite Self, Love, My Beloved, Power, Presence, Self, Source, Spirit, The Force, The Improviser, The Magic, The One, The Universe, The Wonder or Truth. So when I call on Light, I expect Light's nature to be made manifest in the individual's experience in a form that meets the individual's needs.

Later I received a text message from my friend saying: "I don't know how you do it but it works."

I told him it wasn't me but the LIGHT that does the work.

When I chatted to him later on the phone, he explained what the "obstacles" were and how they had been dissolved and how things were moving on for him.

I believe one way to continuously live in the world of no-mind is to give up my independence and be totally dependent on Light. In other words, be like a baby who will not survive if it's basic needs are not met. Then there are "miracles" galore in your life experiences, which will baffle those who live in the world of mind.

I live in a world of no mind.
Light is all there is.


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