Sunday, 17 July 2011

On Being Spirit

It's been a typical British summer's day: it started off gloomy, then it turned sunny and warm, then it got windy, then it rained, then the sun came out, then it rained again and, as I'm writing this, it's now sunny.

I used to wonder how it is possible for the weather to be so changeable, at least in the UK, when the Intelligence behind all forms is constant. How can that which is unchangeable create conditions that are changeable?

And then I realised that it is because all of creation is Spirit.

When I say "Spirit" I don't mean "spirit" as in the religious/spiritual beliefs, I mean that which is unconditioned. Something that is unconditioned doesn't follow any rules and cannot be defined. It is free to express Itself in any form, any shape, any attribute, any thing, and in any way.

I believe all creations, whether they appear as humans, animals, nature, planets, galaxies, angels, art, beauty, joy, love, light, music, peace etc are all Spirit in manifestations, which makes all of them unconditioned. That's why regardless of how many rules, beliefs and doctrines have been dreamed up to control humanity, man's innate nature as unconditioned Spirit will set him free.

Back to the British weather that has baffled the weather forecasters and continues to do so, what if the weather is only expressing its unconditioned nature as Spirit by expressing Its different moods? While weather forecasters expect a four seasons climate, the weather refuses to comply. That's why weather forecasts in the UK are often hit and miss.

So now instead of complaining about the unpredictable British weather, I now see it as a perfect demonstration of the unconditioned nature of Spirit. Obviously, as a free Spirit myself I have the right to intend what kind of weather I would prefer to experience.

I am unconditioned Spirit.


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