Monday, 4 July 2011

Releasing My Truth Missile

When a member of staff at the library said something that really pissed me off (details are not important now), I was in no mood to send love and blessing. In fact, I was so mad, I wanted to hit back.

Then I thought of another way to "attack" by using a Truth principle I believe in: "Love dissolves ALL grudges."

After I released the thought, I found myself getting more and more peaceful and the anger was dissolved though it took about an hour for me to calm down. :-)

For me, Truth principles are rather like missiles that I can release as and when the need arises and the power of the principle is unleashed and does whatever is necessary.

I am really grateful to my friend in the library for reminding me to use my Truth missile.

Love has dissolved all grudges for all time.

ps: Since then, that particular librarian has been very courteous towards me.


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