Monday, 1 August 2011

Fear is Forgetfulness of Infinite Self - Revisited

I believe one reason why the human realm can seem so fearful is because humans have been conditioned to see reality in part. For instance, right now as I'm typing on the computer, I can only see the computer screen from the front, which is not the full picture. If I want to experience the computer screen as it really is, I need to be able to also see it from the front, back, sides, top, bottom and inside, otherwise I'm only experiencing it in part. So, if I only have a limited view of how things really are, it's only natural that I would find life scary from time to time.

Speaking of seeing in part, in an episode of the TV series called "Dynamo: Magician Impossible", Dynamo drives on a racing car circuit with a passenger whose helmet he's covered with sticky tape. In other words, she can't see where they're going which she finds quite hairy. After Dynamo has finished the circuit, he stops the car and tells his passenger that he's now going to drive the car with the passenger's helmet on, which means he'll be driving "blind." Naturally, the passenger is very reluctant to sit beside him and is terrified by the experience. Dynamo has no problem driving the car.

I can imagine not many people would want to get into someone's car who couldn't "see" where they were going. I certainly wouldn't. The only way I would trust a "blind" driver is if I know for certain that the driver has some kind of supernatural vision.

I believe Dynamo could drive that car "blind" because he has awakened that part within him that sees and knows all things. I call it the Infinite Self. That Self is everyone's True Self. Once you develop a relationship with that Self or learn to identify yourself as that Self, then all things are possible, as Dynamo demonstrated.

Speaking of being guided, my mother tells me when her father went blind, he could still walk around unaided. Mum said they had no idea how he did it. I reckon my grandfather must have been seeing with the aid of the Infinite Self.

I believe fear is forgetfulness of who we really are as Infinite Self. Knowledge of the Self dissolves all fear.


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